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10 Reasons Why CruisePlum has the Best Cruise Search for Suites

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Suites are not all the same
We understand the difference between a junior suite and a 2 bedroom penthouse.
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Search by service level
Find suites with specific benefits.
You choose number of passengers snapshot
1, 2, 3 or 4 passengers
Not everyone cruises as a party of two. Why search that way?
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No hidden taxes or fees
You're going to pay them, you should see them upfront.
Price history snapshot
Review price history
Become a more informed cruiser.
Price drop snapshot
See price changes
Know what's happened since your last visit.
Cabin search snapshot
Search by cabin type
Find the suite you want, not what someone else wants to show you.
Checking flights snapshot
Check airfare quickly
Flying isn't always easy. Searching for flights should be.
Add to your watchlist snapshot
Favorite your finds
You just found the perfect cruise. Why struggle to find it again later?
Save your searches snapshot
Save your searches
You told the computer what you want. We're not going to make you repeat yourself.

Thanks for reading this far. We'll let you in on a little secret.

There are actually more than 10 reasons why we think CruisePlum is the best, but we'll let you discover the rest as you look for your ideal cruise.

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